Tandem Streamer & Bucktails

Maine Streamers A-Z By far my favorites to tie are my tandem streamers. Tandems have quite a long history, and I love creating my own, or putting a new twist on some the old favorites. I have my tried and tested standard hook set-up .... #6 front and rear... I love the way the set-up glides through the water perfectly. Fisherman approved all over the #6 &#6 make a great match that balance the streamer nicely. Of course upon request you can specify your hook size. I use quality extremely sharp hooks.( Trust me I know they are)😳 I also use 45 lb test stainless steel nylon coated leader. Quality synthetic and natural products are used throughout the tying process to ensure the flies glide through the waters and withstand multiple strikes. I tie for durability with precision and good bonding agents to help the fly last. Some slight colors and variations may vary from photos. ( Note : if any item is shown out of stock or temp. unavailable it usually due to a wait on material shipments to arrive and will become available again as soon as possible:)