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"Making Fisherman happy one fly at a time"

Here on my site you will find flies I have created which reflect my passion for fishing and growing up here in the beautiful state of Maine. Styling and creating some of my original flies to use in the beautiful Maine waters, started as a fun hobby like so many others. Now it has grown into a full time business with my sincere passion & challenge to create new unique patterns or add my own twists on the good ole' classics.

β™‘β™‘I Love to tie, it is a true art.β™‘β™‘

As most of you know my name is Kat and I am the sole fly tyer here at Lakeside Flies. For those that don't know me yet, Hello πŸ‘πŸ˜
oh and a tidbit about me.....I will not let anyone else assist or tie my flies. I'm stubborn in that way.😜 So sometimes creation takes a bit of time. But I always try and get your orders to you in a timely fashion.

It does get crazy when the frenzy of spring fishing season starts. So always get your orders in about 3 weeks before in April! The same rings true during the holidays, order early to avoid shipping delays. 

I truly love each creation I tie and want you, more than anything to catch fish with them! My flies are like my babies sending off to a new home when I am done.πŸ€£πŸŽ£πŸ‘

So to all of you ~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow and keep our fishing heritage alive for generations to come.

I want my flies in those fly boxes years from now, like the ones I cherish from past tyers.❀

~~As of November 2021~~

Orders are shipping within 3-5 days. Depending on order size. 🎣
Again Thank You for your patience & understanding. I always try and make it worth the wait!!!

So try a few of my flies ..

trust me, they aim to catch your eyes but really catch some fish! 🎣

All of lakeside flies are tied to order which is great to customize any requests just for you ! 

I am working daily to build stock to open for foot traffic in fall of 2021. 

Shop hours of operation are 

Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm

Open for phone orders and curbside pickup if you are local.

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

November Newsletter:

Fall has fallen.....literallyπŸπŸ‚πŸ every leaf has left their branches and blanketed our entire yard!
And we all know what's on our doorsteps next here in the northeast......❄❄❄❄❄❄

For some fisherman the next few months are rough.... they are hibernating along with their boats. A moment of silence please....................
Yep they are wrapped up and until the spring thaw and open water returns.  
😁Don't get depressed,  keep in touch with your inner fishing mojo by ordering yourself something from Lakeside Flies. Get yourself an advent calendar and have some fun in December. Or a beautiful ornament for your tree. Follow Facebook for new flies, specials and more . Hopefully we can help you through!

For the "Hardwater Fisherman"  tis the season to be fishin!🎣🎣🎣🎣
And do some fishing with ice flies!

So what's all this about under the ice fly fishing you ask? 

Well let me tell ya.......

 While the boats are all snug in hibernation, the shantys are waking up! The open water sounds of boat engines will soon be the hard water sounds of an ice rippin auger. Hate it or love it. Truth is ice fishing in New England can be some of the most fun of the year. Those that are die-hard ice fisherman are gearing up for "their" season.πŸ₯Άβ„

It's new chance to fish bodies of water often not fished open water season. And also catching a great various of species like Trout, Bass, Perch, Pike, Walleye, Salmon and more.

Ice fishing with flies is often looked past or never even thought of. Its simple strategy using a variety of flies jigging under the ice to fool fish. Its the same strategy we use all season. Target what they want to eat. Forget the live bait and Swedish pimples and such. Try experimenting with different tactics. Challenge yourself to drop a fly below the ice. Often, you will see fish refuse the traditional ice fishing jigs such as a Swedish Pimple. Or not hit live bait. These are the picky fish that will often only be searching for that edible little fly you've just introduced them too. And they will strike more readily at that fly then some of the bigger traditional ice fishing jigs.

 So next time when you’re having a slow day, try tying on an "ice fly" and you may be surprised. And a small fly will catch those big fish! Nothing mimics the food that big predatory fish like to eat better than flies tied with mostly  natural hair, fibers and a bit of flash.

Testimonials from the guys that fish these flies all day while ice fishing , have proven they usually outperform the classic ice fishing jigs. But you won't know it till you try it yourself. 
Choose flies like scud patterns, damsel fly nymphs or tungsten jig nymphs that are heavily weighted and sink quickly.
Not sure which Ice Flies to try? Reach out and let us help you out picking the right flies for your target species. 
Skill, patience, perseverance & passion along with a stocked box of the best selection of flies keeps the fishing alive from spring till fall. And even during ice season.

β˜†β˜†Shop Notesβ˜†β˜†

As most of you know we welcomed Layce Young, a 13 year old local up and coming Maine artist to Lakeside Flies and she's been doing great! Her fly artwork is beautiful!
We are so happy to support such a young talent and share her beautiful artwork. Please check out her paintings and also follow her on Facebook and Etsy. She is always creating. ❀
Layce's Facebook
Layce's Etsy Shop

And for those of you that still like to have a mask handy ~ we have them. Another young local talent ~Jayde Young Creations will stitch you a fashionable mask. 
Look good & be safe . 😷

We still have masks~ if you want one 



Whatever your needs, reach out to us at Lakeside Flies and we will recommend a great selection for you and the areas you want to fish. Grab a few flies, get a good selection and get out there and enjoy ......🎣

"Making fisherman happy one fly at a time"
I tie each and every fly with one goal in mind~~it needs to catch !

🌞 Happy Fishing & Tight lines!

Checkout the "Hot Deals " !
And feel free to shoot a message for any special requests. I love trying to re-create lost patterns. And love special requests.

Always remember, Free shipping over $50.00.

 Every fly order ALWAYS gets a FREE FLY ! 
Who doesn't love a free surprise Fly?
Thank You~Kat & Crew β™‘

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The Crew


Owner, Tier

I do all the designing and all the tying. I design each fly with one catch fish. I was brought up 1st born girl with 3 sisters and one brother .I was a Daddys girl right from the start, wherever he went I wanted to go . Whatever he was doing I wanted to tag along .He taught me to love the outdoors. He taught me about Family, heritage, life skills , compassion and self worth. I loved fishing with him as young as I can remember. Camping trips with our family in the wilderness of Maine & NH. Helping him in his butcher shop bringing the bucktails and hides to local tiers back when I was young . I always loved the flies created from the goods my Dad brought in . Years passed and my Dad was showing me mangled flies in his box that were his favorites. He said he couldn't find the patterns anymore . So it began , I got a vise , materials from a friend and started to tie, self taught. My Dad always told me I was talented I'm my artwork and so many other areas of my life and he said my flies were beautiful. After he passed I created more and more . He was a great Sportsman and fisherman and most of all an amazing Dad.....he is truly missed with all my heart..... he gave me what I needed to raise 4 amazing Sons of my own .... I see him in each of them in their own ways ❀ Now I seem to fill a void in my life with all the fisherman I speak too and their stories and their love of my beautiful flies I create. It's a passion, a journey and I'm just going to keep on tying ..........


Business Financial Manager

Lance is my Fiance. He handles all the marketing,ordering, shipping & receiving, finances and ME! I'm a hard boss at times lol We have committed together to start this business and left our other careers behind. We love what we are doing and will never look back. It's been an all in venture and the business is continually growing. Lance is also the boat Captain, product tester, fishing trip planner and chef for any "keepers" .


Devoted Companion/ Co-Captain

What can I say, he is our devoted companion. Actually he's MY total baby, MOMMA'S BOY! ❀πŸ₯°β€ We absolutely love our fishing mascot and he never misses a fishing trip! He always makes sure to "kiss & release" the fish. He gets very mad if we don't let him!!

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