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February is upon us ....
Some are out enjoy the hardwater ! Stay safe out there! Have fun at the derbies in your state. Some area here in Southern Maine and Southern NH never saw ice . Sebago Lake here in Maine is still open to launch a boat . 

I'm working had tying up you're winning flies !🏆 Sometimes it's a wait but you will have them for years to come 🥰


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All flies are tied to order . 

Orders are being tied and filled as received . A
For new orders in 2024 please allow at least 14 business days. Depending on order size could be longer and you will be notified .
I truly hope they are worth the wait . If you ever need them ASAP. Just let us know !

Testimonials and the fish caught with Lakesides Flies are proof that they are worth waiting for . 😁 🎣

For a current order status please email anytime

Welcome to Lakeside Flies

All orders over $50.00 are free shipping, AND receive a Free Fly & A Free Shop decal!

Specializing in Tandem Trolling Streamers.

Here you will find a variety of uniquely tied flies for all waters. Most patterns are my original designs crafted to target specific species with color, silhouette and alluring factors. I truly like to put my artistic talent into my flies. 

Growing up here in the beautiful state of Maine and fishing its pristine waters is truly magnificent.

 My flies are crafted not just for Maine waters, they are proven effective nationwide!

 I am dedicated to keeping the sport of fishing with flies  alive for years to come.

♡♡ I Love to tie, it is a true art and passion.♡♡
Let me introduce myself, I'm Kat. 

A/K/A Streamer Barbie 

A/K/A Landlocked Queen I am the sole fly tier here at Lakeside Flies.

I must say sometimes my creations takes a bit of time and orders can come in fast and furious causing delays at times. But I will always try and get your orders to you in a timely fashion and I know  they are worth the wait!

 I truly love each creation I tie and want you, more than anything to love them and catch fish with them! My flies are like my babies sending off to a new home when I am done.

"Making Fishermen/Women happy one fly at a time"

So to all of you ~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow and keep our fishing heritage alive for generations to come.

I want my flies in those fly boxes years from now, like the ones I cherish from past tiers and my Dad has passed down from his fly boxes.❤

Just some notes:

Before Spring fishing season opens we highly recommend to get your orders in by  February !

Before the April frenzy! The same rings true during the holidays, order early to avoid shipping delays. 

 Thank You for your patience & understanding.*****


So try a few of my flies ..

trust me, they aim to catch your eyes but really catch some fish! 🎣

Shop hours of operation for customer service are Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. 

Not open to foot traffic. Curbside pickup is available along with shipping.


Owner, Fly tying Artist

The simple about me low down ... I was brought up 1st born girl with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I was a Daddys girl right from the start. Wherever he went I wanted to go . Whatever he was doing I wanted to learn about. He taught me so much and instilled in me a great passion for the outdoors. He was also passionate about family, honor, integrity, hard work & self worth. All traits I hope to carry through life & pass on to my 4 Sons. Some of my fondest memories with Dad were family camping & fishing trips in the wilderness of Maine & NH. and spending time at our family camps. My Dad loved to fish and I loved to tag along❤️. So the fly tying love I have did it even start ?? I went from a hairdresser to fly tying ....🎣 I think it goes way back ...My Dad was a hunter & a well know butcher and had his own shop . I loved helping my Dad in his butcher shop from a young age . Something most girls would shy away from, but I got to hang out with him . Every so often he would bring the bucktails and hides to local tiers and I would tag along. I was young & fascinated by the the flies created from the goods he brought in . Spinning fly carousels in the shops and listening to my Dad talk fishin stories with the owners. Many, many years went by .... and one day my Dad was showing me some mangled old flies in his box that were his " favorites" he remarked. He asked if I remembered them from way back getting them from a tier. He said he couldn't find the patterns anymore and wished he could. So it began........... I got a vise and materials from a friend that just so happened to be getting out of tying . And I started to tie, self taught with a basic book. Some scraggly attempts at 1st ! Yet my Dad always told me they were beautiful when I'd show him. The patterns I attempted to replicate for him were made with love .❤ He always told me I had talent and an artistic eye and to stick with it . He always believed in me..... After he passed I created more and more . Filling the void of missing him , I took to my vise for comfort...and still do. He was such a great Sportsman, fisherman and most of all an amazing Dad.....he is truly missed with all my heart..... he gave me what I needed to raise 4 amazing Sons of my own .... I see him in each of them in their own ways ❤ Not only filling a void with my tying, but with all the fisherman & women I have met & I speak too. Listening to their fishing stories and thanking me for my beautiful flies I create....fills my ❤️ & soul. Im truly loving what I do. Call it a passion, a journey, a legacy and I'm just going to keep on tying .......... I want to leave behind something for generations ahead to enjoy ....


Devoted Companion/ Co-Captain

Basically wherever I am he is! ❤🥰❤ He is my sweet boy! Totally adored! Extremely smart ! Our shop mascot, he never misses a fishing trip with us ! He always makes sure to "kiss & release" the fish. He gets very mad if we don't let him!!


Business Financial Manager

Lance is my Fiance. He handles all the marketing,ordering, shipping & receiving, finances and ME! I'm a hard boss at times lol We have committed together to start this business and left our other careers behind. We love what we are doing and will never look back. It's been an all in venture and the business is continually growing. Lance is also the boat Captain, product tester, fishing trip planner and chef for any "keepers" .

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