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Specializing in Tandem Trolling Streamers.

Here you will find a variety of beautiful flies for all waters. Most patterns are original designs crafted with a wealth of knowledge & and artistic talent. My original designs reflect my passion for fishing and the allure of enticing fish with a beautiful tied creation. Growing up here in the beautiful state of Maine and fishing its beautiful waters is truly magnificent. My flies are crafted for Maine waters and beyond......

 I am dedicated to keeping the sport of fishing  alive with my beautiful flies for years to come.

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♡♡ I Love to tie, it is a true art and passion.♡♡
Let me introduce myself, I'm Kat. I am the sole fly tier here at Lakeside Flies. All of lakeside flies are tied to order as received. Each order is tied for you personally and special requests can be made. 

I must say sometimes my creations takes a bit of time and orders can come in fast and furious causing delays at times. But I will always try and get your orders to you in a timely fashion and hopefully they are worth the wait! I truly love each creation I tie and want you, more than anything to love them and catch fish with them! My flies are like my babies sending off to a new home when I am done.

"Making Fishermen/Women happy one fly at a time"

So to all of you ~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow and keep our fishing heritage alive for generations to come.

I want my flies in those fly boxes years from now, like the ones I cherish from past tiers and my Dad has passed down from his fly boxes.❤

Just some notes:

Before Spring fishing season opens we highly recommend to get your orders in by March 1st!

Before the April frenzy! The same rings true during the holidays, order early to avoid shipping delays. 

*****Update as of 4/25/ 2023~~Orders are piled up for the Spring Frenzy and are  currently shipping in about  4-6 weeks.

 Thank You for your patience & understanding.*****


So try a few of my flies ..

trust me, they aim to catch your eyes but really catch some fish! 🎣

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