Maine Streamers A-Z! Beautiful Streamers for New England waters and beyond! Here you will find some crafted original patterns along with some classics and some classics with a twist. MOST OF THESE TANDEMS WILL HAVE AN OPTION TO PURCHASE AS A SINGLE TROLLING FLY . ALSO YOU CAN ADD BEADS ON SOME OF THE PATTERNS. IF YOU DONT SEE AN OPTION YOU WANT JUST REACH OUT TO US. I absolutely love tying and running Tandem streamers. Heading to the boat ramp and spending a few hours trolling your favorite streamers is such a great pastime. Ice out season is one of the most exciting time of the year for trolling anglers. And tandem flies are a must have ! Many of the old standards classic patterns include the 9-3, Grey Ghost, Black Ghost, Supervisor and many others. There’s a belief that landlocked salmon and trout have a habit of “hitting short” and avoiding the hook and thus giving rise to the tandem streamer. The great thing is you can troll these not just during ice out , but year round for great results! I personally have my tried and tested standard hook set-up .... i prefer my Tandems #6 front and #6 rear... A bit different than the usual 6&4 set up but I love the way this set-up glides through the water perfectly. And tied and tried these tandems are killing it all over !! My return customers have approved all over the #6 & .#6 make a great match that balance the streamer nicely. Of course upon request you can specify your hook size. I use quality extremely sharp hooks.( Trust me I know they are)😳 I also use 45 lb test stainless steel nylon coated leader. Quality synthetic and natural products are used throughout the tying process. I try and balance my materials to ensure the flies glide through the waters. I also test each fly for durability and strength before it ships to you so each fly should withstand multiple strikes. If ever a faulty fly reach out to me for a replacement. I tie for durability with precision and good bonding agents to help the fly last. Some slight colors and variations may vary from photos. ( Note : if any item is shown out of stock or temp. unavailable it usually due to a wait on material shipments to arrive and will become available again as soon as possible:)