A personal favorite of mine , I found this pattern researching old patterns . I loved the name because my Family bloodlines are from Lithuania. Here is some info about this fly : "The Lithuanian Prince / Designed by / Alby J. Lutkus" NotesAlby Joseph Lutkus was born March 5, 1926. He joined the navy at seventeen. He was a gunner on a Higgins Assault craft and wore his Navy Amphibian Force Insignia with pride. He served a total of seven invasions in the South Pacific Theater in World War II. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a BSMA. The joined the New York Education Department Association for Speech & Hearing Conduct in Urban Education. Married Evonne M. Lutkus on May 23, 1953. She too graduated from Western Michigan University. He created three fishing flies for Lake George fishing. He died April 19, 2001. He is buried in Saratoga, W.W. H. (17-11), Veteran Cemetery.

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