60 Tandem flies total. 2 each of 30 different flies, 10 different 1/2 dozens, or 5 sets of a dozen each. Any combination you can think of. The perfect way to get your fly collection jump-started. Normal price at $5.00 = $300 Store special price, $4.25 each, = $255.00 Free shipping of course. :) Expect a longer production time due to the volume of these orders. Please feel free to contact me about other large / wholesale orders.

$255.00 $300-15%
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One dozen of each of five beautifully crafted trolling streamers,

Ten 1/2 dozens for a wider selection,

If you prefer, 2 each of 30 patterns to "Stock your Box"

 Great patterns that have good results catching landlocked salmon, trout, Lakers and other species in the down-east Maine area and beyond. 60 flies total to catch the fisherman, that in turn catch the fish .