Single Streamers & Bucktails

Streamers......Truth is FISH LOVE THEM! Whether being cast while wading streams, drifting or floating small ponds and rivers single hooks while streamer flies seem to be the go- to option . Although being trolled behind a boat on larger lakes or rivers, these little imitations of baitfish can be key in enticing a big fish to strike while trolling. Tandems are run by many fisherman throughout New England waters and beyond, but some prefer the smaller single hooks streamers. These are streamers are basically all good options under any conditions . Longer shank streamers in size 6, 8, or 10 are popular for most brooks, rivers and small ponds. Larger sizes 2,4 some prefer for larger bodies of water and depth and speed they run these at. Here are some beautiful single hooks to choose from. If you don't see you size just shoot a message to the shop. you will find a mix of original streamer and classis patterns.