Little flashy imitators, primarily designed to look like nymphs, scuds, larvae, freshwater shrimp, worms and small baitfish. Most are designed to use under the ice or in cold streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds. Primarily used to entice panfish, trout, togue, salmon, pike etc. Most of these predators are opportunistic feeders, especially in the winter. They will feed on many things during the cold season., foraging for an easy meal that requires little effort. Colder weather makes the fish more lethargic with a smaller appetite also. A smaller bait is often the only way to entice a bite. Sometimes all it takes is a jig of an ice fly in front of these lethargic predators to provoke a strike. Some of the ice flies with lighter heads & hackle that fall slower may just be the slow mover a predator fish is looking for. Or on the opposite a heavy tungsten beaded fly is a good fly to reach the deeper depths at a faster drop rate and possibly enticing those big bottom dwellers in winter. Live bait is a go to for most fisherman. So, give these flies a try. Use some dropping/jigging action in the icy depths and they will come to life and hopefully put fish on the ice. Share photos on FB at Lakeside Flies Or Instagram #lakesideflies. These little ice fly jigs are available in the following sizes, other special requests welcomed. Some are tied with Tungsten Beads (TB) which will be a bit more than the standard weighted jigs . Jigs are tied with quality materials and lead free wire is used for weighting.