A dry fly is designed to land softly on the surface of the water without breaking it and becoming wetted. It need not be inherently buoyant. They are often treated with water repellent. Dry flies are generally considered to be freshwater flies. A dry fly may be of the imitation or attractor type. Imitations typically represent the adult form of an aquatic or terrestrial insect such as a caddisfly. There are so many "match the hatch " patterns that are effective and deadly on waters all over. These are a few of my own personal favorites. These have a touch of my own personal twist on each pattern. I have just a basic few favorites that are just perfect to grab and go to your favorite spot. And chances are they won't let you down. Standard size is #14 as pictured Reasons these are my personal favorites: Testemonials from New England fisherman My own personal results I love the way the look, attract and set on the water. I choose materials for good float and drift. They are all just so buggy!